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High Street Retail

The most common cause of scratch damage on today's high street is graffiti scratching or acid etching on shop front windows and doors.
As a business professional, you know how important your window displays are to creating the all important warm & inviting first impression.

Our experienced technicians can quickly and safely remove scratch graffiti from your shop front glass, restoring it to it original clarity, protecting the image of your business for a little as £130
The two main points in combating scratch graffiti are;

  • Leaving scratch graffiti on your glass invites further graffiti damage. A 'Tag' is a calling card, inviting the next one to be bigger and better than the last.
  • We will never stop youth from causing graffiti, but fitting shutter systems or employing deterrents can stop it happening to you.

Our highly skilled and experienced technicians, quickly and safely repair 100% of the graffiti scratch damage they are called to attend and will restore your shop front glass to its original clarity leaving no distortion or haze and our services cause no disruption to you, your business, your customers or your staff.
The quality of our work is guaranteed to exceed the highest standards in the industry for visual quality as set out by The Glass and Glazing Federation.
All of our technicians are C.I.T.B registered and carry valid C.S.C.S cards, meaning that they are trained and qualified to operate safely within your working environment.
Our glass polishing services also work very well for removing scratch damage on glass display cabinets and glass counter tops.
Repairing graffiti scratch damage to glass rather than replacing it offers you savings often in excess of 80% as well as saving you time and hassle.  Glass polishing is also good for the environment as it reduces the need for glass production and that reduces your carbon footprint.

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