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Damage assessment reports

Should you pay for 3rd Party Damage?
As scratch damage on glass becomes an increasing problem for contractors, so to does the issue of meeting the cost of its repair.  The practice of 'Counter-Charging' within the construction industry is now standard practice, but that too brings with it many more issues in proving culpability.

Our senior technicians have the skills and experience to determine how scratch damage has been caused and to establish a time-line, comparing the cause of the damage to which tasks or projects that would have been working in the immediate area of the damage.

The most common causes of scratch damage on a construction or commercial development are down to careless cleaning, decorating or rendering and usually has nothing to do with the installation.

In most cases, scratch damage is not highlighted until the final clean or 'snag' by which time it can be  difficult to show liability and those responsible may no longer be working on-site.

Our damage assessment reports detail the location, surface area and type of damage,  time required to repair the damage and the costs of repair.

The reports also include a step by step guide as to how the damage was caused and how that might tie in with works carried out around the immediate area of the damage caused, giving you a complete assessment of your scratch damage problem.  This sort of comprehensive information proves invaluable when looking to 'counter charge' the cost or repairs.

A growing number of our clients are now regularly using our Damage Assessment Reports as standard practice on completion of large glazing contracts, instructing us to assess all glazed units within a specific contract.

Using our reports in this manner provides our clients with documented evidence that their contract was completed without scratch damage and that the standard of glazing at the time of completion complied with The Glass & Glazing Federations standards for visual quality as fit for purpose.

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