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Chipped Glass

We have the specialists experience and skill to repair your glass imperfections. Our repair solutions can be applied to most types of glass damage: Cracked laminate glass, Bullet holes, Chipped edges and Shell damage.

Cracked Laminate
Laminate glass is being used more frequently due to it being a safety glass. When broken it will crack rather than shatter. Often we can repair a crack, improving strength and cosmetic appearance.

Bullet Holes
Bullet holes and air rifle pellet damage to glass often leaves a hollowed out dent to the glass. This can be filled and polished back to a smooth finish. Improving strength and appearance.

Chipped Edges
Toughen glass tables, laminate glass stair treads and Balustrade often seem to suffer from accidental damage. These can be repaired saving owners a lot of money over the cost of replacement.

Shell Damage
This is a term to describe the look of the glass after a flake of glass has splintered from the surface. The damaged surface of the glass has circular rings which look similar to the back of a sea shell. Shell damage is often the result of the glass receiving quite a forceful impact

We repair the glass by refilling the space left by the chip with Acrylic Resin. It is then shaped and polished to completely blend the original colour and curvature of the glass. The resin etches itself to the glass to produce an incredibly strong bond. The cosmetic appearance will greatly improve and will restore the structural integrity.

Past experience applying our Acrylic Resin to a wide variety of glass:

  • Laminated glass stair case treads

  • Entrance frameless door glass

  • Designer glass table furniture

  • Chipped Balustrade

  • Bullet holes; even if it completely passed through.

  • Crack repair to laminate glass

  • Chipped glass flooring

  • Chipped kitchen and Wine Bar work tops

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