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About Glass Polishing

Glass Polishing is the removal of scratch and mineral damage from glass surfaces using a series of abrasive and polishing actions. Resulting in excellent optical quality: Who says you can’t have the best?

Glass Polishing, as with any young industry, has taken a while to become accepted by the business sector, but over the past few years more and more construction companies, high street retailers, marine, aviation and public transport companies have come to realise the benefits that glass polishing offers and now regularly use services such as our to enhance the image of their businesses.

Where it all began

The process of glass polishing was first developed in France back in 1688 as a finishing stage in the production of plate glass.  At this time, the optical quality of glass left much to be desired.
With the plate glass positioned on large round tables, rotating iron discs and increasingly fine abrasive sands were used to remove scratches and blemishes from the glass surface before being polished with felt pads to complete the process.  By 1773, the French glass polishing system was adopted by the English at Ravenshead and by 1800 a steam engine was used to carry out the grinding and polishing for plate and cast glass.

How does glass polishing help the environment?

As glass manufacturing developed and the quality of production improved, the need for glass polishing services in its traditional form, all but disappeared.
Glass polishing started to reappear almost 20 years ago, with the development of quality, handheld and portable power tools that allowed glass polishing to be carried out on-site, with the glass units in-situ.  For the first time this offered businesses an alternative to replacing scratched or mineral damaged units, that not only save time, but money as well.
The quality of our work is guaranteed to exceed the highest standards in the industry for visual quality as set out by The Glass and Glazing Federation.  Glass polishing not only saves time and money, it is good for the environment, offering the only really green alternative to replacing scratch damaged glass units.

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