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Frequently Asked Questions

Are repairs to glass surfaces visible?

No.  Glass polishing or scratch repair, cause no distortion or haze and restores glass to its original clarity.

Does the glass need to be removed?

No.  All repairs are carried out with the glass in-situ.

Can scratched tinted glass be repaired?

Yes.  Tints are manufactured into and throughout the glass, so polishing does not affect the tint

Will the polishing process weaken the glass?

No.  The scratch has already damaged the glass and although the polishing process does not strengthen the glass, by removing the scratch damage, we remove the strain on the glass, recreating a structurally sound glass unit.

What types of glass can be polished?

All types of glass can be repaired using glass polishing systems.  Toughened, Plate, Tempered, Float, Laminated, Mirrored, Coloured, Curved, Smart and even bullet proof glass can all be polished.  The only exception to this is that glass that has been coated or filmed, can not be polished without removing the coating or film.

By repairing scratch damaged glass, we cut the demand for un-necessary glass production, saving not only the resources used in manufacturing the glass, but also in the mining, refining and transportation of its raw components.

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