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Construction and Commercial

Construction & Commercial

Careless cleaning, rendering or decorating are the most common cause of scratch damage to glass on a construction or commercial development.

These types of scratch damage can be repaired quickly, safely and for much less than the replacement cost.

As a Site or Project Manager, your time is precious, therefore you need a direct route to an experienced Senior Technician - NOW. Call  07723 097149 to discuss your scratch damage problem.

Types of damage

Scratches caused by metal edged tools to remove debris such as; cement, render, protective film and stickers from glass units. And scratch damage caused by plant machinery or scaffold coming into contact with the glass. Can all be repaired quickly and safely at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Almost any type or make of glass can be repaired using glass polishing systems, from; float, toughened and safety glass through to laminated, tempered, curved, smart and even bullet proof glass.  The only exception to this is coated glass.  If glass has been coated, it can not be polished without removing the coating.

Weld and angle grind spatter can also be repaired, but typically takes longer to remove as spatter burns very deep into the glass.  It is not always cost effective to repair large areas with this type of damage.  Our technicians will always advise you if the cost of repair is likely to exceed the cost of replacement.
The quality of our work is guaranteed to exceed the highest standards in the industry for visual quality as set out by The Glass and Glazing Federation.

Working on site

All of our technicians are C.I.T.B registered and carry valid C.S.C.S cards, meaning that they are trained and qualified to operate safely within your working environment.
Each technician is equipped with full P.P.E and equipment for working with either 110v or 240v, depending on your site specifications.
Each technician also carries with them, full risk assessments and method statements relating to their operating on your site.  These are prepared by senior technicians who will have visited your site previously to undertake the initial assessment of works.

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